The Computer Science and Development Department (SID), located in the premises of the Campus Sciences site, is composed of two computer engineers: Olivier CERVELLIN (network systems engineer) and Pascal GEND (Manager)

The SID provides the classic computer services offered to the laboratory members:

  • dedicated, backed up and secured storage spaces on servers and cloud
  • access to wired and WiFi networks, secured by access control and VPN
  • workstation management and maintenance
  • installation, implementation and maintenance of office automation software, access to supervisory management applications and specific to research activities
  • mailing lists
  • web servers: content managers for conferences, personal pages,...
  • video-conferencing

In addition, the SID offers its services in the design, development and implementation of specific software for:

  • departmental research projects
  • administrative management of research: information system (software "12+") coupled with guardianship management applications and tools such as HAL. This software is used by several research units that are hosted on the laboratory's dedicated server.
  • the Laboratory's web server and intranet


As the laboratory is located on 8 geographically dispersed sites, the SID relies on local IT specialists from the Digital Department for the management of its personal computer equipment as well as on IT specialists from the University's Digital Department for common services such as messaging and infrastructure hosting (IaaS)