Ph. D. Project
Identification of genomic signature for response to chemotherapy in patients with pancreatic cancer
2020/10/01 - 2023/09/30
Pancreatic cancer is the seventh cancer-related death in the world and has a terrible pronostic with an 5-year overall survival of 9% in
2019. Pancreatic ductal adenocrcinomas (PDAC) which are from exocrine glands represents 85% of all pancreatic cancers. Because
of their molecular variability and their complex biology are almost always leading the patient to death. Only surgery allows complete
remission, but less than 20% of patients can benefit from it because of a late diagnosis. Recent studies have highlighted certain
molecular mechanisms that may be responsible for the initiation and progression of PDACs. The identification of new therapeutic
targets could help increase the effectiveness of PDAC treatments as well as patient survival.
The purpose of this PhD work is to identify new genomic signatures to better identify the type of chemotherapy regimen that could
benefit patients with PDAC.
This work includes a comprehensive genomic analysis and exploitation of genomic data, of the biological samples collected during
the PRODIGE24 clinical trial. This translational work is integrated in MOSAPAC PRTK.
PDAC, genomic signature
Biology, Signals and Systems in Cancer and Neuroscience