PostDoc Project
Security analysis in the context of symmetric cryptography
2022/09/01 - 2023/08/31
Other supervisor(s):
Prof. Minier Marine (
The CRAN, with LORIA as a scientific partner, offers a one-year PostDoctoral
position to work in Nancy, France, under the supervision of Gilles Millerioux
(CRAN) and Marine Minier (LORIA).

The selected candidate will work on topics related to the security of stream
ciphers. A special emphasis of self-synchronizing stream ciphers would be wel-
come. The expected skills are general background on symmetric cryptography
and security analysis. An hardware implementation would be considered with
the help of an engineer whenever necessary.

The research will be conducted in the context of the Lorraine Universite d'Excellence Digitrust project (
Research work can be done in either English or French.

To apply for the position or get further information, you must write to and with copies of your CV and motivation letter.
Symmetric cryptography, security analysis
Contract length: 12 mois
University: Université de Lorraine
Location: CRAN
Salary: 2200 Euros (net), 2845 Euros (brut)
Job profile: PhD, section CNU 61 ou 27
Control Identification Diagnosis
Région (50%), CRAN crédits LUE (50%)