Ph. D. Project
Decentralized control and observation for large scale systems. Application to smart grids networks.
2023/01/01 - 2025/12/31
This thesis is a part of the research work, carried out at CRAN for several years, on state estimation and its use in control and diagnosis purposes. It concerns the decentralized estimation of the state for large-scale systems and its application to smart grids networks. It is well known that knowledge of the state of a system is very important in the management of industrial systems. With the complexity of technological systems, high-dimensional systems, partial measurements, and nonlinear models with uncertain parameters, centralized system state estimation is impractical and can lead to erroneous and numerically unrobust estimates.

Thesis work will be dedicated to:

1) An in-depth bibliographical research on the various techniques for estimating the state of high-dimensional systems.
2) Comparison of existing methods in the field.
3) Structural analysis of large-scale systems (Type of connections, type of communication between the different subsystems, analysis of partial observability, etc.).
4) The development of optimal sensor placement methods to ensure optimal estimation of the parts of the state needed to drive the system.
5) The optimal and robust estimation of the partial state using the concepts of functional detectability recently introduced in the literature.
6) Application of the obtained results on an existing smart grids platform at the IUT of Longwy.
Large scale systmes, Decentralized observers, functionnel detectability
Duration : 3 years
Profile : Automatician + good knowledge in electrical engineering.
Control Identification Diagnosis
foreign funding