Trainee Project
Study of brain mechanisms of face discrimination through EEG (electroencephalogram) surface measurements in relation to face recognition performance through behavioural tests
2023/02/01 - 2023/06/30
The aim of this internship will be to study the link with surface EEG data recorded during FPVS (fast periodic visual
stimulation) measurements of face discrimination with behavioural data collected through computerized tasks.
We will investigate whether there is a correlation between corrected EEG amplitude measured in major face
recognition regions (temporal regions of the right hemisphere) and face recognition performance. We expect that
the larger the amplitude in these regions, the better the performance when the subject is asked to discriminate
and/or recognise faces.
The student will be expected to help in the organisation of the recruitment of healthy subjects, to optimise the
FPVS paradigms, to assist and help in the testing of the EEG experiments, to score the behavioural data and to be
aware of the analysis and interpretation of the EEG data.
She will actively participate in the organisation and development of this research theme by providing crucial
assistance in the testing of subjects.
Biology, Signals and Systems in Cancer and Neuroscience