PostDoc Project
Evaluation of the impacts of maintenance operations on the degradation process of digital twin components of a nuclear reactor
2024/03/01 - 2024/06/30
This postdoc program is part of the Digital Reactor project funded by PSPC (Projets Structurants pour la Compétitivité) in the frame of investments for the future (PIA). The objective of this project is to build a Digital Twin (DT) for a nuclear reactor, covering all phases of its life cycle, to simplify the study processes and to secure the safety in operation.
The global objective of this postdoc is to model the impacts of corrective and preventive maintenance actions (perfect or imperfect) on the degradation/aging processes of nuclear reactor DT's components. The models developed, based on probabilistic models or/and stochastic processes, should technically allow providing a more robust assessment/prediction of the potential evolution of the component/system state and consequently a more effective management in the logistic support. In terms of application, these models will refer to the important issues arising from a case study chosen for the "Digital Reactor" project.
The postdoc work can be divided into the following key steps:
- Proposal/development of models formalizing the impacts of maintenance and control actions on the chosen component/system.
- Extension of the degradation/aging models, developed by a doctoral student belongs to "Digital Reactor" project, to allows considering the impacts of the maintenance and control actions previously modeled.
- Validation of the models developed on the case study.
Modeling and Control of Industrial Systems