Doctoral schools

Every year, CRAN welcomes about twenty new doctoral students from Lorraine's teaching programs, other French universities and foreign universities.

CRAN doctoral students are enrolled in the «Informatique, Automatique, Électronique - Électrotechnique, Mathématiques - IAEM, n°77» doctoral school or in the «Biologie, Santé, Environnement - BioSE, n°266» doctoral school

80% of doctoral students are enrolled in the ED IAEM and 20% in the ED BioSE 50%.
The doctoral students have followed their master’s training (mainly the ISC, IS, MSV and PERCCOM masters) at the University of Lorraine and come from thirty-three different nationalities.

The direction of the ED IAEM is ensured by Didier Maquin, professor at CRAN and the responsibility of the «Automatic» Mention Commission of the ED IAEM by Eric Levrat also professor at CRAN.