The CRAN welcomes Master level trainees. It is one of the main laboratories on which the Master's degree in "Complex Systems Engineering" is based, and in particular the following courses:
- Networks Signal EcoTic
- Safety Maintenance PHM-support
- Digital Engineering and Control for Connected Industry
- Industrial Systems Engineering
With a strong international focus, CRAN is also the laboratory for welcoming students to the ERASMUS Mundus Masters Course "Pervasive Computing and Communications for Sustainable Development - PERCCOM".
In the biology and health sector, CRAN welcomes Master's level trainees with the following honours:
"Master of Life Sciences", course: "Biotechnology", options Cellular Engineering or Molecular Engineering
"Master's Degree in Health Engineering", course: "Biomedical Engineering" and "Bioengineering, Nanosanté, Médicaments, Qualité".

Some engineering students have the opportunity to complete their PFE (End of Study Project) and/or their end-of-study internship in the laboratory. The main engineering schools concerned are:
- Polytech Nancy