Masters [Proposed] [Assigned] Projects
2024/06/03 2024/07/26
Real-time data processing for automatic detection of industrial machine failures using data-driven and symbolic artificial intelligence.
2024/03/04 2024/08/30
Heterogeneous data analysis for the identification of bipolar disorder
2024/03/01 2024/07/31
Data-Driven Control for Multivariable Systems
2024/03/01 2024/08/31
Analysis and design of networked k-contractive systems
2024/03/01 2024/08/31
Learning on low-rank tensors : application to clustering fMRI data
2024/02/19 2024/08/19
Metrological characterization of the IPAM bimodal optical imaging device: study on optical phantoms and image pre-processing
2024/05/03 2024/09/30
Optimization of neural network training for battery state-of-charge estimation  [Antoine KICKENS]
2024/05/02 2024/09/30
Brain source localization based on iterative regression methods  [Clément ETIENNE]
2024/04/11 2024/09/30
: Learning for safe control design: Application on Autonomous Vehicles (Quanser Qcar)  [Satya Vinay Chavan MARTHI]
2024/04/02 2024/09/30
Domain adaptation for lifetime prediction of industrial batteries  [Emilio Norberto ABATA]
2024/04/02 2024/09/06
Urbanloop pods control  [Letizia LICITRA]
2024/04/02 2024/09/30
Autonomous and Connected Vehicle: Estimation of Variables Required for Vehicle Tracking  [Selsabil BOUGHERARA]
2024/04/01 2024/09/27
Model Predictive Control (MPC) for safe control design: Application on Autonomous Vehicles (Quanser Qcar)  [Runkun LUO]
2024/03/11 2024/09/13
Regeneration Paradigm Applied to Space Debris  [Teddy GREZES]
2024/03/11 2024/09/10
System monitoring/ Safety interaction for control systems: Application to nuclear power plant  [Sylvain BERNATEAU]
2024/03/11 2024/08/11
Multimodal spectro-imaging and machine learning methods for bio-optical characterization of kidney stones in the UV-Visible-NIR-FIR-THz ranges  [Rena Royce BIEDA NANDA]
2024/03/01 2024/08/31
Identification of nonlinear systems based on deep learning. Application on an autonomous vehicle model.  [Mohammed El Hadi ZERGA]
2024/02/01 2024/07/31
Creation of an anisotropic planned target volume in brain radiotherapy  [Suzy PHULPIN]
2024/01/10 2024/06/21
Interest in studying the genomic profiles of gastroesophagial carcinoma on response to chemotherapy  [Imen BARI]
2024/01/10 2024/06/21
Study of BRCA1 and RAD51C promoter methylation and implication on homologous recombination deficiency in patients with ovarian, breast, prostate and pancreatic cancer.  [Cassandra MICHEL]