Ph. D.s [Proposed] [Assigned] Projects
2023/10/01 2026/09/30
Failure prognostics for manufacturing system with sensor data uncertainty
2023/10/01 2026/09/30
Restricted model control of a tilt-body convertible drone.
2023/10/01 2026/09/30
Orchestration of pollution/QoS-aware control strategies for SD-IIoT
2023/10/01 2026/09/30
Data-driven Optimal Fault-Tolerant Control
2023/10/01 2026/09/30
Tensor methods for data fusion with shared and distinct features : Application to subgroup identification in multi-subject fMRI data
2023/10/01 2026/09/30
Physics-informed data-driven system identification for data-efficient reinforcement learning for control
2023/10/01 2026/09/30
The future of digital twins towards the acquisition of cognitive skills through Polyadic Concept Analysis.
2023/10/01 2026/09/30
Dynamic reconfiguration of a scalable network of communicating objects, under service and energy constraints, by simulation
2023/10/01 2026/09/30
Biologically realistic computational modeling of hippocampal electrical activity and plasticity in an animal model of schizophrenia
2023/10/01 2026/09/30
Sparse Control
2023/10/01 2026/09/30
Robustness of specific switching control laws for platooning
2023/03/01 2026/02/28
The Human Digital Twin in the Cyber Physical Enterprise
2023/03/01 2026/02/28
Digital Twin for CPS cognitive interoperability
2023/01/01 2025/12/31
2022/10/01 2025/09/30
Dynamic diagnosis of nonlinear process
2022/10/01 2025/09/30
Neural basis of face and wisual word recognition and their interaction
2022/10/01 2025/09/30
AI-based machine learning and reasoning for predictive maintenance in Industry 4.0
2022/10/01 2025/09/30
Role of claudins in the development of triple-negative breast cancer brain metastasis.
2022/10/01 2025/09/30
Stochastic games over graphs: applications to cyber-insurance contracts
2023/01/01 2025/12/31
Clinical data fusion with deep neural networks for improved diagnosis of sleep apnea syndrome
2023/01/01 2025/12/31
Light and embedded Artificial intelligence for 5G networked Iot Devices
2023/01/01 2026/12/31
Development of an on-board electronic devices based on advanced estimation algorithms for improving resilience of autonomous and connected vehicles
2022/12/01 2025/11/30
Enhancing Industrial IoT Smart Object Servitization with 5G Network Capabilities"
2022/11/07 2025/11/06
Executable Model-Based System Requirements Engineering (eMBRE) for early System requirements Validation and Design Verification (V&V)  [Cyril BACQUET]
2022/11/01 2025/10/31
AI-based predictive maintenance for a photovoltaic power plant
2022/10/14 2025/10/15
Failure prognosis and decision-making for predictive maintenance of a hydrogen power using Artificial Intelligence  [Soufian ECHABARRI]
2022/10/13 2025/10/12
233 / 5000 Résultats de traduction Liquid biopsy for the evaluation of clonal heterogeneity, tumor evolution and survival in patients with hormone-dependent breast cancer treated with anti-CDK4 / 6 - CICLADES, CICLADES CE and ITMO evolution  [Margaux BETZ]
2022/10/07 2025/10/06
Observer design for multi-cell lithium-ion batteries  [Mira KHALIL]
2022/10/01 2025/09/30
Agile architectures for collaborative Smart IoT nodes with decentralised and swarm intelligence  [Clément RUP]
2022/10/01 2025/09/30
METHOD - FroM the EarTH to the ClOuD : Decision support holistic approach for eco-designing smart systems  [Sevra CICEKLI]
2022/10/01 2025/09/30
Model-Based SoI and Manufacturing systems Co Engineering Framework, for early concurrent architecture tradeoff  [Eliott DUVERGER]
2022/10/01 2025/09/30
Adaptive control of switched affine systems subject to an unknown periodic exogenous input by harmonic synthesis  [Flora VERNEREY]
2022/10/01 2025/09/30
Decarbonization strategies : An approach at the interface between mechanism design, control theory, and neurosciences  [Anthony COUTHURES]
2022/10/01 2025/09/30
Input redundancy for hybrid systems  [Valessa VALENTIM VIANA]
2022/09/28 2025/09/27
Physics-informed methods for learning low-rank models in polarization imaging. Application to cancer cell detection in bio-imaging.  [Saulo CARDOSO BARRETO]
2022/09/16 2025/09/15
Human factors and dynamic production scheduling  [Yacine Khalid HEFIED]
2022/08/30 2025/07/24
Self-Adaptive blockchain framework for distributed SDN  [Rachid GUEDJALI]
2022/04/01 2025/02/28
Formalisation and evaluation of logistics flows in a circular economy context: the case of lithium-ion batteries for electric cars  [Ala'a SHQAIRAT]
2022/03/11 2025/03/10
Study and development of a space adaptive greenhouse  [Echrak CHNIB]
2022/03/01 2025/02/28
Machine learning and data fusion for environmental monitoring. Application to risk exposure prevention in working environments.  [Narech HOUESSOU]
2022/02/28 2025/02/27
Formal methods for knowledge extraction and reuse from heterogeneous sources for semantic interoperability of distributed architectures  [Mariano Julian FERREIRONE]
2022/02/02 2025/01/02
Semi-automatic formalisation of a knowledge repository supporting the digital twin for building renovation: application to the IsoBIM project  [Moslem SHEIKHKHOSHKAR]
2021/12/31 2024/12/30
Electrophysiological biomarkers of hemispheric lateralisation and language ability with fast periodic stimulation  [Marion MARCHIVE]
2021/12/31 2024/12/30
Detection and characterization of numerical cognitive biomarkers obtained by visual periodic stimulation and multi-scale EEG recordings.  [Tom QUETU]
2021/12/02 2024/12/01
Modeling and control of biomedical models  [Hasni AREZKI]
2021/12/01 2024/11/30
French adaptation of a scale assessing work difficulties of patients with Multiple Sclerosis and proposal for individualized remediation at a distance from the cognitive disorders that can induce them.  [Heloïse JOLY]
2021/11/26 2024/11/25
Collaborative and multi-level planning of construction sites based on Lean and BIM  [Haya NAANAA]
2021/11/22 2024/11/21
Supervised statistical and machine learning methods for multi-class skin cancer classification exploiting multidimensional datasets from in vivo UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy, hyperspectral imaging and optical coherence tomography  [Valentin KUPRIYANOV]
2021/11/10 2024/11/09
Diagnosis et prognosis of Alzheimer disease with fast periodic stimulation in electrophysiology  [Justine DAVID]
2021/10/15 2024/10/14
Metal-based nanoparticles to optimize the effects of radiotherapy of brain tumors.  [Lucie LEROUGE]
2021/10/14 2024/09/30
Learning-Based Hybrid Estimation Architectures for Smart Tracking of Vehicle  [Hichem BESSAFA]
2021/10/08 2024/10/07
Synthesis of unsupervised control law for reliable operation in the presence of component degradation  [Soha KANSO]
2021/09/14 2024/09/30
Stabilization and controllability of Stefan's problem  [Blaise COLLE]
2021/09/14 2024/09/13
Fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control of LPV systems  [Gustave BAINIER]
2021/09/02 2024/09/01
Functionalization of Quantum Dots in the near infrared and quantification of fluorescence on cell models: application to fluorescence-guided surgery of ENT cancers  [Luca DIRHEIMER]
2021/04/29 2024/03/14
Monitoring of migratory birds in the Annaba/Tarf wetland (Algeria) by deep-learning through wireless multimedia sensor networks  [Aya SAKHRI]
2021/04/15 2024/03/30
Theoretical fundations of the viral marketing problem  [Bouchra MROUE]
2021/04/01 2024/03/31
Machine learning based on data from the panel manufacturing process for prediction and optimization of the mix- products and energy flow  [Valentin CHAZELLE]
2021/02/18 2023/12/31
Development of a digital twin integrating functional physical models, failures, ageing/degradation phenomena and control systems  [Gael HEQUET]
2021/01/29 2024/01/01
Contribution of traumatic vulnerability to epileptogenesis and to the occurrence of epileptic and psychogenic non-epileptic seizures  [Deniz ERTAN]
2021/01/14 2024/01/01
Integration of Language studied by Electrical Cortical and Sub-cortical Intermittent Stimulation  [Olivier ARON]
2020/11/21 2023/11/30
Deep learning representation pre-trainning for industry 4.0  [Alaaeddine CHAOUB]
2020/11/20 2023/11/30
Data-driven nonlinear system identification and health state prognostics using deep learning. Application to predictive maintenance of business jet aircraft  [Martin HERVE DE BEAULIEU]
2020/11/17 2023/10/25
Mécanismes neuraux de la reconnaissance des visages et de la sémantique chez l'Homme dans le cortex temporal ventral Neural mechanisms of human face recognition and semantics in the ventral temporal cortex  [Luna ANGELINI]
2020/11/05 2023/09/30
Identification of genomic signature for response to chemotherapy in patients with pancreatic cancer  [Julie DARDARE]
2020/11/05 2023/10/25
Cellular mechanisms of facial identity coding in humans  [Marie-Alphée LAURENT]
2020/11/03 2023/09/30
Foreseeing sawmills' production through 3D cloud points analysis and machine learning algorithms  [Sylvain CHABANET]
2020/11/01 2023/09/30
Machine Learning based IEEE 802.15.4-TSCH Scheduling for Low Power Industrial Wireless Networks  [Mehdi KHERBACHE]
2020/10/19 2023/09/30
Knowledge discovery and formalisation for Additive manufacturing through Artificial Intelligence and Information Retrieval methods  [Yandé NDIAYE]
2020/10/15 2023/09/30
Machine learning in control of complex systems. Application to cable robots.  [Abir BOUAOUDA]
2020/10/15 2023/10/31
AI-based proactive maintenance decision-marking for industry 4.0  [Van Thai NGUYEN]
2020/10/15 2023/09/30
Estimation of high dimensional probability density functions with low-rank tensor models: application to cancer cell characterization  [Philippe FLORES]
2020/10/07 2023/09/30
Fast and robust estimation of dynamical systems: a hybrid approach  [Elena PETRI]
2020/10/05 2023/09/30
Dynamics of multi-agent systems in presence of external influencers in competition  [Olivier LINDAMULAGE DE SILVA]
2020/10/05 2023/09/30
Observer Design for Nonlinear Systems - Towards the End of LMI Relaxations  [Shivaraj Shankar MOHITE]
2020/10/05 2023/09/30
Characterization of the health status of waste products for the management of the waste regeneration process  [Gautier VANSON]
2020/10/01 2023/09/30
Study of the effects of in vitro starvation on the response of breast cancer cells to chemotherapy  [Victorine LACROIX]
2020/04/15 2022/11/30
Research of new therapeutic targets in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.  [Andréa WITZ]
2020/04/06 2023/04/30
Finite dimensional control of a class of nonlinear partial differential equations.  [Karima SAIDI]
2020/03/05 2022/12/31
Design of a dynamic co-simulation architecture based on the BIM : application to the coupling of building thermal simulation and occupant behaviour.  [Habtamu Tkubet EBUY]
2020/03/05 2023/03/31
Machine Learning-based Failure prognosis and decision support optimization for predictive maintenance combining expert knowledge and process data  [Antonin GAY]
2020/02/25 2023/02/28
Methodology for developing the remaining potential of manufacturing systems from (prognostic-decision support) coupling for its exploitation in production  [Ayoub DRISSI]
2019/12/04 2023/08/31
Modeling and Control of Plants Described by PDEs with Application to Biological Systems  [Dyhia BOUHADJRA]
2019/11/13 2023/03/31
Methodological tools for the modeling and the analysis of interconnected hybrid systems  [Simone MARIANO]
2019/10/30 2023/01/31
Involvement of neuropilin-1 in the progression of medulloblastoma  [Manon DOUYERE]
2019/10/18 2023/08/31
Design of New Finite State Dynamical Systems Admitting a Matrix Rep- resentation: Application to Cryptography  [Hamid BOUKERROU]
2019/10/15 2023/01/13
Sensor and actuator optimal location for dynamic controller design. Application to active vibration reduction in a galvanizing process.  [Mohammed Amine Miloud BRAKNA]
2019/10/10 2023/08/31
Mitigating Home Carbon Emission in designing a Smart Storage Driver System  [Paul ORTIZ]
2019/10/04 2022/12/08
Machine learning and hybrid system identification  [Louis MASSUCCI]
2019/10/02 2023/08/31
Relationships between activities at cellular and macroscopic scales. Application to the human face recognition system.  [Pauline JURCZYNSKI]
2019/10/01 2022/12/13
Estrogen receptors expression and activity during gliomagenesis and brain tumor progression  [Alex HIRTZ]
2019/09/30 2022/12/15
Optimal output control  [Baparou DANHANE]
2019/09/30 2022/12/31
Specification of a communication protocol for IoT supporting "Blockchain" in Software Defined Networks  [Guilain LEDUC]
2019/06/04 2022/12/31
Observers and control design of non linear systems under constraints. Application to cable robots  [Imed JABBARI]
2019/06/03 2022/12/31
3D reconstruction of thermal images. Application to medical diagnosis  [Rafael BAYAREH MANCILLA]
2019/05/10 2023/02/08
Analysis of large-scale brain networks underlying human face perception  [Viviana Del Rocio HERNANDEZ CASTANON]
2019/01/28 2022/12/31
State observers and control of a class of coupled PDE. Application to Vlasov-Poisson equations  [Amadou CISSÉ]
2018/10/01 2022/12/16
Selection and analysis of models for biological networks: use ofdifferent heterogenous knowledge for biological networks disrupted by pathologies  [Athénaïs VAGINAY]
2018/09/03 2022/12/31
Contribution to functional observers design. Application to control and fault diagnosis.  [Carlos RIOS RUIZ]
2018/05/18 2022/12/14
Secure and Reliable Transfer of Cardiac Signals on Internet  [Yaël KOLASA]
2018/01/15 2022/11/30
Methodology for Hierarchical Classifier Design Application to wood pieces classification in relation with textural aspect and finishing quality.  [Radouan DAHBI]
2017/09/29 2022/12/08
Optical spectroscopy for skin photobiological characterization in a clinical environment: surgical guidance for non-melanoma skin cancers?  [Grégoire KHAIRALLAH]