PostDocs [Proposed] [Assigned] Projects
2024/04/01 2027/03/31
Statistical and Tensor Methods for Spatiotemporal Heterogeneous Data Analysis
2024/05/01 2025/04/30
Multimodal spectro-imaging and machine learning methods for bio-optical characterization of biological tissues in the UV-Visible-NIR-FIR-THz ranges: applications to in vivo diagnosis of human skin cancer and kidney stones
2024/03/01 2024/06/30
Evaluation of the impacts of maintenance operations on the degradation process of digital twin components of a nuclear reactor
2024/03/01 2025/03/01
Development of the architecture supporting the Digital Twin for the Emergency Department  [Abir ISMAILI - ALAOUI]
2024/02/01 2025/01/05
Digital twins for cyber-physical production systems: from data to cognition  [Emmanuel ZIMMERMANN]
2023/12/07 2024/12/06
5G based digital twin architecture for process supervision and control  [Mehdi KHERBACHE]
2023/11/15 2024/11/22
Combination of diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and autofluorescence spectroscopy with line-field confocal optical coherence tomography for skin cancer in vivo diagnosis: spectroscopic data processing and analysis, light-tissue interaction modelling and experimental validations  [Sergey ZAYTSEV]
2023/10/02 2024/10/01
Contributions to Building Digital Engineering & Digital thread using models  [Paul ORTIZ]
2023/04/03 2026/04/02
Neural basis of face and visual word recognition and their interaction  [Corentin JACQUES]
2023/04/03 2025/04/02
Categorization of own- and other-race faces and ingroup bias: a developmental approach  [Simen HAGEN]